Spring roll(1 piece)

Base price : 130.00yen/1piece
(incl. tax : 143.00yen/1piece)

Nutrition facts

  • Calories
    173 Kcal

  • Protein
    2.9 g

  • Fat
    11.8 g

  • Carbohydrate
    13.9 g

  • Salt Equivalent
    0.7 g

Nutrition facts label

We provide nutrition facts for all of our products.

Please find the nutrition facts of each menu in our HP, showing in the order of calories/protein/fat/carbohydrate/salt equivalent.
The nutrition information we provide was carefully calculated based on Standard Tables Of Food Composition In Japan, Fifth Revised And Enlarged Edition.
Nutrition facts of each lunch box include those of seasoning sauce separately provided.

<Nutrition facts per package>
Eastern Kanto Region
Dressing for lunch box:26kcal/0.2g/2.4g/1g/0.3g
Tartar sauce:44kcal/0.2g/3.9g/2.1g/0.4g
Medium thick sauce:8kcal/0.1g/0.0g/1.9g/0.3g
Soy sauce:3.4kcal/0.4g/0.0g/0.4g/0.7g
Tonkatsu sauce:26kcal/0.2g/0.4g/5.5g/1.0g
Gyoza sauce:11kcal/0.4g/0.9g/0.2g/0.6g
Japanese hyuganatsu citrus ponzu sauce with grated radish:21kcal/0.7g/0/4g/1.5g
Soy-based sauce for Broiled eel on rice meal : 25kcal/0.6g/0.0g/4.7g/1.0g
Barbeque sauce:31kcal/0.5g/0.4g/6.4g/0.5g
Mustard sauce:42kcal/0.4g/2.4g/4.7g/0.5g
Kinpira-style sauteed burdock:22kcal/0.4g/1.0g/3.0g/0.2g
Chilled tofu:30kcal/2.5g/1.5g/1.5g/0.8g

Allergen indication < 7 ingredients required mandatory allergy labeling, specified under the Food Sanitation Act of Japan >

  • eggs

  • milk

  • wheat

  • shrimp/prawn

  • crab

  • buckwheat

  • peanuts

In the same facility where we handle non-allergenic ingredients of our products, we also prepare products containing allergens such as eggs, milk, and wheat.

Please note the allergen search covers only the products on the menu posted on our website.
Please contact our customer service at 0120-24-0424, for any inquiries about allergens other than those of our listed products.

※ All the prices of the listed products are tax inclusive.
※ Please be advised some of our products may not be available at certain times of a day or at some locations.
※ Some of our products may be different than their photos.
※ Some of our products may be sold out at the time of your order. We ask for your kind understanding.

20 ingredients based on specified raw materials (abalone, squid, salmon roe, orange, kiwifruit, beef, walnut, salmon, mackerel, soybean, chicken, pork, matsutake mushroom, peach, yam, apple, gelatin, banana, sesame, and cashew nut)

soybeans/ pork/ sesame
We indicate "Fish and Shellfish" when we are unable to identify specific fish and shellfish ingredients, as we use fish sauce or shellfish extracts made of multiple species of fish and shellfish randomly caught in net fishing.

Allergen indication for seasoning sauce provided separately

The following allergens for seasoning sauce are not shown in allergen indication of each product it comes with.
<Dressing for lunch boxes> eggs, milk, wheat, soybeans, pork, apples, sesame, fish sauce (fish and shellfish)
<Tartar sauce> eggs, milk, soybeans
<Japanese-style thick worcestersire sauce> wheat, soybeans, apples
<Soy sauce> wheat, soybeans
<Tonkatsu sauce> wheat, soybeans, apples
<Gyoza sauce> wheat, soybeans, sesame
<Japanese mustard>none
<Japanese hyuganatsu citrus ponzu sauce with grated radish> soybeans, apples
<Soy-based sauce for Broiled eel on rice meal> soybeans
<Barbeque sauce> wheat, soybeans, apples
<Mustard sauce> eggs, milk, soybeans, apples
<Kinpira-style sauteed burdock> wheat, soybeans, sesame
<Chilled tofu> wheat, soybeans