Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name ORIGIN TOSHU Co., Ltd.
Founded September 1966
Capital 3.268 billion yen
Annual Sales 45.323 billion yen
Representative President, Hiroya Sawamura
Employees Full-time employees: 583 (except executives)
Part-time employees: 4,929 (converted by 8 hrs. per day)
Description of Business Origin business based mainly on selling bento box lunches and prepared dishes
(Origin Bento, Kitchen Origin, and Origin Delica)
Eating-out business based mainly on operation of restaurants
Operation of restaurants (Chuka Toshu and Renge Shokudo Toshu)
Development of the deli transformation business that combines the Origin products into the Deli Division of the AEON Group
Shops and Restaurants Operated 560 shops/restaurants
Corporate Address Headquarters: 3-2-4 Sengawacho, Chofu City, Tokyo, 182-0002
Kinki Office: 2-6-24 Ekimae, Ibaraki City, Osaka, 567-0888
Uenohara Factory: 8154-43 Uenohara, Uenohara City, Yamanashi, 409-0112
Uenohara Second Factory Higashitoyoda, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa
Hiratsuka Agricultural Processing Center 480-30 Higashitoyoda, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa

* All the above-described figures and values are as of the end of February 2019.

Corporate Address

Headquarters: 3-2-4 Sengawacho, Chofu City, Tokyo, 182-0002

Corporate History


Hideo Anzawa, original founder, founded TOSHU Ltd.(Sep. 1966)
The first Chinese restaurant, Toshu, opened in Chitosefunabashi, Setagaya, Tokyo.(Oct. 1966)

Nov. 1976

TOSHU Ltd. was reorganized as TOSHU Co., Ltd.

Apr. 1977

Sengawa Food Factory opened in Setagaya, Tokyo.

Jun. 1982

The Bento Business Division was established.
The first to-go Bento lunch shop, Mommy Bento, opened.


The first Origin Bento shop, selling prepared dishes by measure and Bento box lunches, opened in Takatsu, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa.(Mar. 1994)
Hachioji Food Factory was established in Hachioji, Tokyo.(Aug. 1994)

Sep. 1996

The 50th Origin Bento shop opened.


TOSHU Co., Ltd. was renamed as ORIGIN TOSHU Co., Ltd.(Apr. 1997)
The shares were offered publicly on Japan Securities Dealers Association, currently known as JSDAQ.(Dec. 1997)

Sep. 1998

The 100th Origin Bento shop opened.


The 50th Chuka Toshu restaurant opened.(Aug. 2001)
The 300th Origin Bento shop opened.(Dec. 2001)

Mar. 2002

Uenohara Factory was established in Uenohara-cho (currently Uenohara City), Yamanashi.


The 500th Origin Bento shop opened.(Jan. 2004)
The company was listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange.(Dec. 2004)

Mar. 2005

The company was listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


The company became an affiliated company of AEON CO., LTD. by takeover bid.(Mar. 2006)
The first Origin Bento shop in the Kinki Region opened in Ibaraki City, Osaka.(Aug. 2006)


The 30th Origin Bento shop in the Kinki Region opened.(Jun. 2008)
The company became an affiliated company of Aeon Retail Co., Ltd. as AEON was changed to a distinct holding company.(Aug. 2008)

Jul. 2009

The first Onikaraya shop, specializing in fried chicken and Onigiri rice balls, opened within the Jusco Kashiwa Store (currently, AEON Kashiwa Store).


A Bento shop opened in the food court of an office building, Yatai DELI.(Feb. 2010)
A shop opened in the Jusco Ontakesan-Ekimae Store (currently AEON Ontakesan-Ekimae Store) as part of the FC business transformation with an AEON Deli Booth.(Nov. 2010)

Mar. 2013

The catering service, “Saishoku Kenmi,” started.


All the production lines in the Uehohara Factory obtained ISO 22000 certification. The first Kitchen Original shop, targeting female workers, opened in Ikebukuro.(Feb. 2014)
The first Origin Deli shop, specializing in prepared dishes and salad by measure including rice meals, opened within the Kasumi Food Square Kinshicho Store.(Apr. 2014)
The Uenohara Factory obtained FSSC 22000 certification.(Dec. 2014)

Aug. 2015

The first restaurant, Origin Dining, offering set menu meals and alcohol beverages, opened in Narashino City, Chiba.